Blog Tour Book Review: Silver Lead and Dead by James Garmisch



What can I say about Silver Lead and Dead? The book is interesting – set in Mexico in 2010. Ju├írez to be exact. It centers on an ex-CIA agent with a past who is in town to deal with a family friend’s kidnapping. Of course, that past comes back to haunt him a bit when he runs into another ex-CIA agent.

Silver Lead and Dead is a bit slow at times, but don’t let that fool you. The book has more than enough action to make up for the slow parts. Even the best books always have a few slow parts to them. I can’t really tell you any more than that without giving too much away – but know that the action more than makes up for any slow parts. I do want to caution those who don’t speak Spanish – there are a few phrases in Spanish that may leave you a tad bit confused. If that happens, re-read the sentence or paragraph – you’ll probably get the gist of it from the context of the rest of the sentence or paragraph.

I can’t really say that I have a favorite character in the book. Evan and Nathan are both ex-CIA and, to me, more paranoid than anything else. After all, when we first meet Evan we see exactly how paranoid he is about whether or not he is safe. Nathan is really only paranoid once Evan comes on to the scene and frankly he annoys me with how worried he is about what Evan is doing there. But obnoxious characters aside, Silver Lead and Dead is a good read.

I received this book from from BYOB Tours in exchange for my honest review for the Silver Lead and Dead Blog Tour. All opinions are completely my own and no other compensation as received.