Frost Bible



I’ve seen a few reviews panning this Bible and I honestly can’t see why. It’s meant to appeal to kids who love Frozen with the cover design of swirling snowflakes & glitter. But it’s not meant to be related to Frozen in any other way.

This Bible is gorgeous. Soft blue, glittery, gorgeous swirling snowflakes on the cover. The version is the International Children’s Version, which is meant to be easier for kids to read. The Bible includes a glossary and any words kids are unlikely to know, such as prophesy, are bolded in the text of the Bible to let the kids know that this is a word they might not know and that they can look it up in the back of the Bible.

There are three or four nice maps in the back of the book, including one of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem. The maps aren’t as detailed as the maps you might find in an adult’s version of the Bible, but they don’t need to be for kids. They need to be a bit simpler and they are.

The Bible comes with a small tote bag. Will it hold up to being tossed in the washer? Definitely not. But it could be hand washed and probably wiped off. It’s made mostly of the same material that most companies use to make the reusable shopping bags you buy for 50¢ to $1 at the store, with a glittery plastic panel in the front.

We think it’s just perfect for a kidlet who loves Frozen and when we sent a photo of it to my friend who has a Frozen-obsessed daughter, she said her daughter would adore it. We plan on giving it to her for Christmas this year. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a great Christian gift for a little one obsessed with Frozen look for this Bible.

I received this book for free from BookLook in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.