Black Inked Pearl – A Girl’s Quest by Ruth Finnegan



When I received Black Inked Pearl from Ruth Finnegan, I was told to please try to look past the speech-like writing. The problem is, the writing isn’t speech-like. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t even read it. I honestly am not sure how anyone could possibly read this book.

I couldn’t get past the way it was written. It was stilted, sentences broken in places, nearly impossible to read or make sense of. There were parts that weren’t punctuated correctly. I couldn’t read it—my brain couldn’t comprehend what I was reading.

I’ve seen reports that it is “dreamlike” but that doesn’t sit well with me. Dreamlike would still be readable. It would still be punctuated correctly. It would still be readable and comprehensible. Black Inked Pearl was none of these. I don’t see dreamlike at all.

Perhaps it is my overly analytical mind. Perhaps it is my inner grammar/spelling/punctuation fiend coming out. But I simply could not read this book and ever hope to understand what was going on. I can’t even give it one star because I couldn’t get far enough into the book to even know what it is about.